Transport Managers - Schedule of Requirements

All external transport managers are required to ensure, arrange or delegate the following:


Transport Element

TNC Requirements


Ensure compliance with EU Hours legislation (or British Domestic Hours where exemptions from EU Rules apply), particularly with regard to Daily / Weekly Rest provisions and break periods following 4½ hours cumulative driving

Ensure completion of tachograph records by all drivers / occasional drivers

Arrange downloads from digital driver cards (fortnightly) and vehicle units (monthly)

Ensure completion of log book records for those drivers operating to British Domestic Rules

Ensure secure storage of all tachograph records for minimum period of 12 months

Arrange analysis of all tachograph records (specific analysis of 4½ hour driving infringement) and “Vehicle Continuity Report” (reports on missing mileage for all vehicles in fleet) with all analysis.

Arrange “one-to-one” discussions with drivers regarding infringements identified by analysis.

Report continual offenders to Local Management for disciplinary action to be taken.


Ensure record of all card holders and relevant expiry dates is maintained

Retain copies of all driver card on record


For those drivers subject to EU Hours / Tachograph Rules, ensure completion of weekly Company RTD report

Completion of RTD spreadsheet (to follow) to ensure compliance with 48-hour average week, over 17-week reference period.

Retention of RTD reports for minimum 2-year period.

Ensure occasional drivers do not undertake more than ten tachograph days in any 17-week reference period, so as not to be included within RTD legislation


Ensure completion of “NIL” defect reporting system by all drivers/occasional drivers.

Where defects are identified, ensure arrangements made for rectification work to be undertaken and for the report to “closed-out” with the following information:

§  Work undertaken

§  Date undertaken

§  Work completed by whom

Conduct “gate audits” on random basis to confirm daily walk-round inspection carried out by driver and written defect report completed.

Retention of “positive” records for minimum 15-month period.

Retain “NIL” defect reports until completion of next Safety Inspection.


Ensure Annual Test applications are submitted in timely manner

Transport Element



Ensure schedule of inspections available within Office / Workshop Office, detailing:

  • Six-weekly Inspection dates for all Company-owned and short-term hired vehicles,
  • Annual Test dates
  • Tachograph inspection / recalibration dates (where applicable).  

Ensure Inspections are carried out in timely manner

Ensure rectification work required following Safety Inspection is carried out prior to the vehicle re-entering service, or arrangements made for work to be completed at the earliest opportunity.

Sign Safety Inspection records to confirm vehicles are road-worthy at all times.

Retain records on vehicle file for minimum 15- month period.


Arrange for all HGV driving licences to be checked on six-monthly basis.

Retain copy licences on file until next check.


Check tracking records for vehicle over-speeds


Ensure “first-use” inspections are carried out on all short-term hired vehicles prior to them entering service.

Obtain copies of previous two Safety Inspections for all newly-hired vehicles

Ensure Hire Companies complete six-weekly Safety Inspections throughout hire period.

Obtain copies of Safety Inspection record for retention on file for 15-month period from commencement of hire

Ensure Defect Report record book available in all hired vehicles


Ensure vehicles are parked at nominated operating centres only


Within vehicle cabs, ensure:

  • road fund licence disc and operator licence identity disc are displayed prominently,
  • load height indicators are present,
  • “No Smoking” signage displayed,
  • handbrake warning system fitted and operational

Ensure system in place to verify all road fund licence discs have been received from GE Fleet Services

Ensure completion of “Employee Declaration – Other Work” by all drivers and occasional drivers – SEE ENCLOSED

Ensure LOLER and Tank Inspection records are maintained (where applicable)

Ensure drivers notify local management when the subject of road-side checks by VOSA or Police and where Graduated Fixed Penalty Notices are issued.

Advise your operator immediately of any Prohibitions / GFPNs for onward notification to Traffic Commissioner.