Join us as an Independent Transport Manager

Join us as an independent, licensed National or International HGV or PCV Transport Manager in your own Business, supported with the full protection of our Terms & Conditions, Contracts for Services and central administration

Nationally, we have a good proportion of Transport Consultants (CPC Holders) covering geographical areas, whose clients are generally within one hours travelling time from home. It suits the client, it suits the regulations and it can suit you.

The client Operators are contractually bound to operate in accordance to the regulations as set out in their licence and exonerate their Transport Consultant from any financial penalties as a result of any improper record keeping or operating. If the client does not abide to the contract we terminate our arrangement, remove the CPC provider and inform the Traffic Area.

Our existing consultants are building an ever-increasing client base. They have paid no money and run no risk. They are keen, conscious people who meet with new clients, introduce them to formats of daily defecting and forward planning and settle them into the system that will maintain the legalities of their licence continues in order.

Our objective is to protect our clients Business and protect the safety of others, by using effective and continuous control. We know from experience when new operators are put on the right track from the start and have a friendly, casual relationship with their Transport Managers, they not only please the Vehicle Inspectorate but organically grow their business, which in turn increases earning capability for the T/M. One client in London started with a 7.5 toner and has steadily grown to a very successful 20 HGVs.

Our Licensed Transport Consultants are engaged under a Contract for Services (CFS) with the Operator which class them as Self Employed “Independent Transport Consultants”, in their own Business, regardless of whether they are employed on PAYE or unemployed. Our Consultants are contacted with the clients details and if they are happy we send out their complete application form with the relevant documentation, the TM1(G) form and the CFS, you then arrange a meeting with the client to finalise the engagement, sign the paperwork and then submit all to the Traffic Area by recorded delivery. You then periodically track the licence with the Traffic Area through to grant. Within the Client Terms & Conditions we will already hold £100 which will be sent to you as soon as the forms have been signed and you have sent us an invoice; it is to cover your time at the meeting and your retention as CPC provider whilst the application goes through to Interim or Full grant.

As soon as the licence is granted you will be in possession of the standing order mandates to be put in place for your client to pay your fees directly into your chosen Bank Account for the first day of each month. Trans Consults commissions are on a sliding scale and not due to us until the Consultant has banked and cleared the funds. If the Operator has not paid the Consultant we do not receive our commissions, in other words you would never owe us any monies until your client has paid you. The client acknowledges that failure to pay the Consultant will render the removal of the Consultants qualification from the operator’s license by informing the Traffic Area.


Fact: Regulation (EC) No. 1071 / 2009 will allow a CPC provider to take control of four separate operators with a combined maximum of 50 vehicles. If you were able to achieve this, your annual income could be in excess of £60,000, not bad for a full time, part time Transport Manager.


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We will call you by return and furnish you with full draft contracts and the Client Operators Terms and Conditions of Engagement for your perusal and approval. You have not committed or entered into any contractual agreement at this stage. All information is held in the strictest of confidence and handled under data protection registration number Z2898034.