Speed Awareness Highway Code

Can we dare be unaware?

Dear Operator, Transport Manager and Vocational Driver,

Trans Consult Co UK have launched a Nationwide Speed and Driver Awareness campaign in an attempt to educate certain drivers to the speed limits our National fleet of 371,000 goods vehicles, operated on 95,436 O/licenses which 700,000 vocational drivers have to endure and are restricted to. There are also 9,068 PCV licenses in issue. Restricted Licenses account for some 50% of all Licenses I issue. This may also refresh many vocational drivers in the process. Our reasoning is to reduce road rage; our aim is road safety by understanding, patient drivers not Hospital patients?

Fact, 50% of UK drivers do not know the National Speed Limit (AA poll)


Except for the standard 30 mph which generally all classes of drivers understand tempers can flair. There we are happily taking our deliveries along the A361 to Barnstable, where the National Speed Limit (NSL) applies 60 mph, but restricting us to 40. The cars and vans are weaving in and out of our mirrors, flashing their lights, shaking their fists and risking life and limb to get past. Sadly most do not know we are limited and restricted by law or that we can loose our livelihoods, businesses and possibly our liberty just by putting our foot down a bit.


Ringway, the UK‘s foremost manufacturer of road signs and markings, from Motorway gantries to No Parking signs have endorsed, sponsored and will produce this, Strictly-Not-For-Profit Awareness Poster which Trans Consult Co UK Ltd ©2001 has developed in an effort to bring understanding and patience to the less aware motorists. Check them out www.ringway.co.uk. Be our guest and print off some A4 size posters to display. It is produced by Ringway and safe to open. They look great on photo paper or you could get your local printer to knock some out in any size and number you want.


This is not just speed awareness, other initiatives will follow to influence courtesy on all our road from Motorway overtaking to urban Parking regulations. It is in our interest to help less aware drivers to understand the difficulties and dangers our Artics, Tippers, Bin Trucks and Fire Engines face daily, as a result of driver ignorance or impatience.

Fact. You must not stop or park opposite, or within 10 metres of a junction. (RTA 1988, Sec 22 &CUR Reg 103) How many are guilty of that? 


Our aims are Road Safety by understanding. Patient Drivers? Not Hospital Patients?


Ringway can also personalise posters with your own name or logo and they can be printed in any size that suits. Please give this some serious thought, you may want to add your own endorsement and promote your own Business by ordering large or small amounts, strictly at cost. Please let us know your thoughts and please order your FREE Speed Awareness Safety Pack nowCollectively we can make a difference and make everyone aware that Safety Matters.


With driver CPC upon us, knowing statutory speed limits is a small step in the right direction, having a place that Operators, Transport Managers and Drivers can voice opinions, debate subjects, collate statistics, associate or do Business with like minded people if they so wish and access all relevant information and advice for free, must be a large step further.

As the future becomes evermore competitive and complicated we would like to keep you updated on a host of matters which effect our everyday business operations from common law to common sense, smart marketing to smart licence protection, New legislation to leading articles, Cost comparisons to government training initiatives and discounts delivered absolutely free to your chosen e-mail address. Just click on any of the links below for more information.

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