Certificate of Professional Competence

To become a road haulage or passenger transport operator an individual is required by law to hold an operator's licence.  As part of the procedure for obtaining and retaining this licence the individual must show that he/she is "professionally competent".  If he/she is not eligible for "grandfather rights" then this is shown by either the possession of recognised professional qualifications or the holding of a Certificate of Professional Competence. 

Trans Consult Certificate of Professional Competence


The Certificate of Professional Competence (C.P.C.) is a Department of Transport recognised qualification designed to show that the individual has attained a set level of knowledge in the major areas of his/her profession.  Examinations to obtain the qualification are set and administered by the O.C.R. at various approved centres throughout the country.


National Passenger CPC includes:

q       Drivers’ hours and record keeping

q       Schedules and duties

q       Driver licences

q       Speed limits

q       Weights and dimensions

q       The design of PSVs

q       Fare and pricing

q       Vehicle exise duty

q       Maintenance and annual test requirements

q       Operator licensing

q       International Passenger CPC includes


Operator licensing includes:

q       Insurance

q       Drivers’ hours and records

q       Tolls and international charges

q       Occupational regulations


All units are externally assessed by OCR-set and marked timetabled examinations. Units will be graded Pass or Fail.


The Certificate of Professional Competence is available to anyone who is capable of reaching the required standards. They have been developed free from any barriers that restrict access or progression thereby promoting equality & diversity.

There are no formal requirements for entry to the examinations. Candidates will be expected to have a standard of literacy and numeracy and a level of industry knowledge appropriate for a person working at level 3.

Trans Consult can help you with your Certificate of Professional Competence.