Transport Managers

Road transport accounts for about 65% of all freight movement around the country and there are numerous organisations employing road transport managers. These include:


q       logistics and distribution companies

q       bus and coach companies

q       parcel couriers

q       manufacturers and retail chains

q       vehicle hire companies and contract fleets


Road transport managers plan and coordinate road haulage, distribution and passenger transport operations, routes and schedules. They make sure that goods and passengers reach their destinations on time and in the most cost-efficient way.   

Employers vary in size from smaller local firms to large national and international freight operations. Some examples include:


q       passenger transport companies

q       manufacturers and retailers

q       fuel suppliers

q       distribution companies

q       supermarkets

q       local government


Transport managers' duties vary, depending on the size of organisation but normally include:


q       liaising with suppliers and customers, planning routes and scheduling delivery times

q       managing a team of supervisors, administration staff and drivers

q       making sure the operation meets its delivery targets 

q       coordinating staff training

q       compiling performance reports for directors

q       scheduling vehicle maintenance, MOTs and tax  payments

q       arranging vehicle replacements   

q       managing contracts and developing new business


Managers must make sure that all operations are carried out in line with UK and EU laws and regulations governing vehicle safety, environmental controls on fuel emissions, driver hours, customs requirements, and food, livestock and hazardous goods transportation


A road transport manager should:


q       have strong organisational skills for planning schedules, journeys and loads

q       have excellent financial management skills 

q       be able to think logically and analytically

q       be flexible and able to make decisions quickly

q       have strong communication skills and be able to deal with people at all levels

q       be computer literate

q       have good leadership and motivational skills 

q       fully understand transport regulations

q       have good geographical knowledge


To be a road transport manager, you must hold a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Every site operating a road transport business is required to have at least one person (usually a manager) with this qualification.

There are four types of certificate: National or International Road Haulage Operations, and National or International Passenger Transport Operations.

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